Resources for Administrators 2014-2015

Student Fee Resource Materials:
  • Download file "AnnualNotificationDoc RUSD 7 29 15.pdf"
  • Download file "Brochure.pdf"
  • Download file "Guidelines for District Staff and Parents Regarding Student Fees RUSD Revised 7-29-15.pdf"
  • Download file "Guidelines for Student Fees RUSD 7 30 15.pptx"
  • Download file "Impermissible Fees, Charges RUSD 7 29 15.pdf"
  • Download file "Monitoring Student Fees 2015-16.pdf"

CAASPP 2015 Support Materials:
  • Slides from June Principal Meetings: Download file "FINAL JUNE 2015 CAASPP.may_20-slides.2015.ppt"
  • Sample Student Score Report: Download file "CAASPP Student Score Report - CAASPP (CA Dept of Education) - caaspp15scorerpt.pdf"
  • CDE Video Explaining How to Read Results: ENGLISH - SPANISH
  • Parent/Guardian Guide on Interpreting Individual Student Report - TO BE RELEASED
  • Principal Blurb Language for Newsletter (ELEMENTARY/INTERMEDIATE):
  • This summer, you will receive your child’s results on the annual statewide test. Given that this year’s test is new, you should consider these results a baseline for marking future growth. As we have discussed in recent newsletters, we are in a transition period—we have identified new skills that students should master, we have been teaching those skills in new and novel ways, and now we are assessing progress with a new test. The scores on this test will not be comparable to last year’s annual test scores, as the old test assessed a different set of skills. Additionally, we have raised expectations for what students should be able to do, so this year’s results may show that fewer students have mastered the desired skills. This is OK because we are headed in the right direction. As students spend more time with the new curriculum, their skills will improve.
    When you receive these test results, please support your child in areas that seem to be more challenging, and take time to celebrate all of the different ways in which your child has grown this year. If you have any questions about interpreting the Smarter Balanced Assessment System score report, please feel free to contact me.
  • Principal Blurb Language for Newsletters (HIGH):

    Sometime this summer you will receive your child’s results on the annual statewide test. As we have discussed in recent newsletters, we are in a transition period—we have defined new skills that we believe students should master, we have been teaching those skills in new and novel ways, and now we are assessing progress with a new test. The scores on this test will not be comparable to last year’s annual test scores, as the old test covered a different set of skills. Additionally, we have raised expectations for what students should be able to do, so this year’s results may show that fewer students have mastered the desired skills than we would like.

    You will receive a score report that describes your student’s achievement based on four levels: Level 1, 2, 3, or 4. Students who score at Level 3 or 4 have demonstrated understanding and abilities to be ready to be successful in entry-level, credit-bearing college courses if they continue their progress in 12th grade.

    If your student scores at Level 1 or 2, it does not mean that they should not attend college. We will work with your student to help them make as much progress as possible to be ready. Colleges may require them to take a placement test when they enter and it is possible that they will need to take non-credit courses to catch up on particular knowledge and skills. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to your student’s counselor to discuss how we can work together to help your student progress.
  • Agenda for August 3 Review of Preliminary Grades 5/8/11 results with Principals:

  • The purpose of this session is to (1) establish common agreements about data norms, (2) develop shared understanding of SBAC Summative results, (3) model the data dialogue for them to replicate with their staff, (4) develop shared understanding of key talking points with teachers and parents. The agenda for this portion is:

    1. INTRO: Review and commit to data principles and safety regulations (10 minutes) –Tanya is creating a set for each principal to take back to their sites and use with staff.

    2. PREDICT: Review predictions on SBAC performance from the media about scores
    dropping and generate some of our own RUSD predictions (5 minutes)

    3. REVIEW AND OBSERVE: Review SBAC Summative results in teams - make
    observations without making any judgments at this point. Groups share out key observations with group (20 minutes)

    4. INFERENCES: Identify inferences, questions about the data (20 minutes)

    5. IMPLICATIONS: Identify implications and next steps, especially as it pertains to key
    talking points and plans for reviewing SBAC data with staff. Review the following key talking points with Principals and rehearse an elevator speech:

    1. These are baseline results and not to be compared to previous STAR tests results

    2. The test is much more rigorous, aligned to much more difficult standards - expect a drop

    3. The SBAC summative results should only be considered a piece of the puzzle that informs instructions - triangulate with interim results, classroom projects, teacher observations, universal screening results, etc.

Additional Handouts and Notes:
  • Download file "Site Leads 2015-2016.docx"
  • Download file "RUSD Assessments ELEMENTARY V.3.pdf"
  • Download file "RUSD Assessments Map Secondary DRAFT V.3.pdf"
  • LMS Pilot Training:
    • Teachers decided to extend the LMS pilot through 2015-2016
    • This will allow an authentic experience with the LMS - integration with Google and Aeries Rosters
    • Also allows feedback from students and parents
    • TRAINING: Site Administrators on Thursday, August 13 from 2pm-4pm, ALVARADO MP-1
    • TRAINING: LMS Pilot Teachers on Thursday, August 20 from 3pm-5pm, ALVARADO MP-1
  • Mashup Mondays:
    • See ongoing sessions in the PD sections of OARS
    • Go to "OARS Home > Hamburger Dropdown > PD link" to see sessions already scheduled for August and September (e.g. Google Classroom, Aeries Gradebook, Creating Common Assessments in OARS, Star Early Literacy, Star Reading, Haiku Introduction)
    • Register weekly for spots and to find location
    • OARS PD feature will streamline LCAP monitoring of services provided
  • Aeries Gradebook:
    • Currently over 50% of RUSD teachers use Aeries Gradebook
    • 2015-2016 transition all teachers to using Aeries Gradebook to increase parent/student communication and collaboration
    • Grade 4-6 will be trained on August 12
    • Grades 7-12 will arrange on-site training as needed
    • Expectation is Grades 4-6 teachers implementing by beginning of Trimester 2, and Grades 7-12 teachers implementing by beginning of Quarter 2
  • K-1 Report Card
    • K-1 Teachers will receive new materials and update from teacher team on August 12
    • Please ensure all K-1 teachers bring complete binders to August 12 training as they will receive replacement copies
  • SCHMOOP Training
    • Secondary teachers received training last fall
    • We want to also provide additional training for secondary counselors and site administrators so they are familiar with this resource
    • Training is scheduled for August 12, from 8am-10am, Giano Room 47
    • WHO TO INVITE: Counselors, Site Admin, AVID Teachers
    SBAC Claims
    • Download file "Claims and Targets Defined.pdf"
    • Download file "Smarter-Balanced-ELA-Literacy-Claims.pdf"
    • Download file "Smarter-Balanced-Mathematics-Claims.pdf"
    • Download file "Preliminary-Summative-Blueprints-Supporting-Document.pdf"
    SBAC Blueprints SBAC Content Specifications
Ed Services Newsletter:
  • Download file "Ed Services Newsletter Sept 12.pdf"
  • Download file "Educational Services Newsletter Sept 26.docx"
  • Download file "Ed Services Newsletter Oct 17.pdf"
  • Download file "Ed Services Newsletter Nov 18[1].docx"
  • Download file "SEC-10 Student Data1-12_Adding a Student[1].pdf"
  • Download file "Ed Services Newsletter March 6.docx"
  • Download file "Ed Services Newsletter April 6.docx"

RUSD Collaborative Inquiry

CALPADS 2014-2015

Data, Assessment and Accountability Calendar 2014-2015:
  • Download file "Student Assessment Calendar 14-15 (August 4, 2014).pdf"


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