2014-2015 K-3 Universal Screening: Star Early Literacy


      • Setting up classes at the beginning of the year: Download file "Setting Up Classes in STAR Early Literacy.pdf"
      • How to print student passwords:
        • Login to https://hosted305.renlearn.com/267824
        • Scroll down to "STAR Early Literacy" and click "Reports"
        • Scroll down to the "Administrative Reports" and click "Student Information"
        • Select a class from the drop down menu and click "View Report". This will generate a PDF of all students in the class and their password
      • Pretest Instructions for Teachers to give students: Download file "Pre Test Instructions.pdf"
      • Tips for getting started (relevant items for teachers on pages 3-7): Download file "Tips for Getting Started.pdf"
      • Download file "Screening Report.pdf"
      • Download file "Diagnostic Report - Class.pdf"
      • Download file "Diagnostic Report - Student.pdf"
      • Download file "Instructional Planning Report - Class.pdf"
      • Download file "Instructional Planning Report - Student.pdf"
      • Download file "Summary Report.pdf"
      • Download file "Sub domain definitions.docx"
      • Download file "STAR Strategies with subdomain.docx"
      • Download file "STAR Table for Matching Books .pdf"
      • Download file "ATOS vs DRA Conversaion Chart.pdf"
    • Step-by-step guidelines for Administrators and Teachers Download file "Memo Winter Universal Screening.pdf"
    • Reference guide with concrete suggestions / guiding questions: Download file "Winter Universal Screening.pdf"

    RUSD FAQs:

    How do I run disaggregated reports in Star Early Literacy?

    How do I print student passwords?

    1. Login to https://hosted305.renlearn.com/267824
    2. Scroll down to "STAR Early Literacy" and click "Reports"
    3. Scroll down to the "Administrative Reports" and click "Student Information"
    4. Select a class from the drop down menu and click "View Report". This will generate a PDF of all students in the class and their password

    Administering to Kindergarten students is challenging. What are some strategies to help the process? (Suggestions from Heidi West at Hurley Elementary)

    1. Create an index-card with the student name, username and Password
    2. Assign one upper grade class to each Kindergarten and First grade class to provide one on one support to the students (upper grade student uses the info on the index-card to log in and help the student navigate through the test...without helping with the answers)
    3. Give each Kindergarten and First grade teachers 1 hour to be in the computer lab (create a lab schedule leaving some room for make-up times)
    4. Require each teacher to run a summary report before they leave the lab to make sure every student completed the test successfully

    Once a school frees up an SEL license, because the student no longer needs it, will they be able to reassign it to a new student, as long as the subscription is still active?

    Yes. Once a schools frees up a license, you would need to unassign the student from the course and class from SEL, and then that license will open up over night for use the next day with someone else.

    Can SEL Item Response time be extended for SpEd?

    Unfortunately, right now, there is no extended time for SEL. Should we hear enough requests to build this feature into the program, our developers will prioritize its addition to the updates.

    How do I know if a student is ready to take a STAR Reading assessment?

    A student should have a reading vocabulary of at least 100 words. Although there’s no “list” for determining this, some teachers use the STAR Reading practice items as a gauge. Students could also be identified as aProbable Reader by STAR Early Literacy™. In other words, the student should have at least beginning readingskills. Practically, if the student can work through the practice questions unassisted, that student should be ableto be tested in STAR Reading. If the student has a lot of trouble getting through the practice, he or she probably does not have the basic skills necessary to be measured by STAR Reading.

    What is the correlation of the Renaissance Learning readability formula (ATOS) to the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)?

    Find the correlation chart here: Download file "ATOS vs DRA Conversaion Chart.pdf"

    What is ATOS?

    ATOS (Advantage -TASA Open Standard) Readability Formula for Books is the new readability formula developed by Renaissance Learning, Inc. Designed by a team of leading readability experts, ATOS eliminates many of the problems educators have always had with existing readability formulas. ATOS is the first formula to include statistics from actual student book-reading (over 30,000 students, reading almost 1,000,000 books); not just data based on short text passages. ATOS improves readability scoring of several types of books where previous formulas have been less accurate and less helpful to teachers. Because ATOS provides higher readability scores for longer books, it intrinsically encourages students to choose longer books because the Accelerated Reader point values are now higher, reflecting the fact that their length makes them more difficult to read. ATOS also takes into account the differences between fiction and non-fiction. It more accurately levels low-level books, whether they are aimed at high-low or emergent readers. The result of all these improvements is less guesswork from both teacher and student. Better matching of books to students with ATOS will help teachers keep students in their appropriate reading range (zone of proximal development), and thereby accelerate growth in student reading ability and learning.

    I see a "ZPD" score on reports. How does this relate to ATOS?

    ZPD is ATOS. The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) is a term borrowed from psychologist Lev Vygotsky. In Accelerated Reader, the ZPD is a range of ATOS book levels that are not too challenging and not too easy--depending upon a student's reading level. Although ZPD itself is not entered or calculated in Accelerated Reader, it is a key component of successful reading practice and goal setting. STAR Reading provides a ZPD for each student who has tested. Determining a student's reading level--or a Grade Equivalent (GE) score from a standardized test such as STAR Reading--and ZPD will help you set an average book level goal and point goal with the student in Accelerated Reader. The ZPD, however, is approximate. Success at any reading level also depends on the student's interest and prior knowledge of a book's content. Teachers should use their professional judgment to adjust the level of books read to match an individual student's needs and interests.


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