Questions regarding Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC):

  • Will there be accommodations/modifications for student on an IEP/504? If so what types? Yes, there will be three types of universal accessibility features for students on the SBAC: (1) "Universal Tools" available to all students, such as a calculator on selected items and the ability to highlight text; (2) "Designated Supports" which require the consent of an IEP or 504 team, such as text-to-speech or items read aloud; (3) "Accommodations" which require the consent of an IEP or 504 team AND appropriate documentation, such as print-on-demand for certain items, braille versions, or American Sign Language. All three supports are designed to provide access to the SBAC for all students without compromising validity. The CDE will provide more direction to districts in Spring 2014 on how to update the current IEP and 504 plans to reflect these new supports. The District Special Education department will work with sites at that time to ensure our plans reflect these new universal accessibility features. For a detailed description of the current approved features, see the latest guidelines from SBAC: Download file "SBAC Usability Accessibility and Accommodations Guidelines.pdf"
  • Will student hear the questions? Will there be a highlighter function on the ELA portion? Both of these options are available through the universal accessibility features outlined above.
  • How much time for each sub-test? See this document for estimated times: Download file "Preliminary-Summative-Blueprints-Supporting-Document.pdf"
  • Does the computer or do humans grade the free written responses? During the 2013-2014 SBAC field test, the consortium is going to score all constructed response and performance task items with both humans and computers. A high level of comparability in the human versus computer scores will result in greater use of computer-scored items starting in 2014-2015.
  • How will grammar and spelling scored in the writing response questions? Scoring rubrics on the SBAC Performance Tasks include indicators for Language, Vocabulary, and Conventions. See the SBAC Item Form for the ELA Performance tasks that your grade level will administer this year to review the rubrics. Attached here is the ELA Grade 9 SBAC Peformance Task that RUSD will administer in February, 2014. You can see the rubric at the end of the document, which includes indicators for language, vocabulary and conventions. Download file "ELA Grade 9 SBAC Peformance Task #1.pdf"
Do we still have Checkpoints this year?
Yes. We will continue to administer quarterly assessments to monitor the progress of students. RUSD Checkpoints are reduced from 20 items to around 10 items. The shorter 10-question Checkpoint assessment allows time for students to also take the SBAC pilot items - both shorter "Constructed Response" items and longer "Performance Tasks." By reducing the 20-item Checkpoints to 10-item Checkpoints we can retain items that best align to the Common Core State Standards.

How are we preparing for the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) tests starting 2014-2015?

This is a complex year in transitioning to assessments that align to the Common Core State Standards. We are still accountable to the STAR assessments (see below) and we want to be ready for the administration of the SBAC in Spring 2015. To meet both goals, we are modifying our current Checkpoints to about 10 items (see below) and adding SBAC pilot items each quarter. For a detailed look at what this means in elementary and secondary ELA and mathematics, see these documents:

  • Download file "Elementary Checkpoint Transition to SBAC 2012 to 2015.pdf"
  • Download file "Secondary Checkpoints Transition to SBAC 2012 to 2015.pdf"

What are the closing dates for Checkpoints 13-14 in ELA and Mathematics, Grades 3-11?

What is the 2013-2014 Checkpoint plan for Grade 2?

SBAC does not provide released items for Grade 2 since the new assessments will only apply to Grades 3-8 and 11. We are meeting with teachers on September 24 to revise the Grade 2 assessments to align to the CCSS. We will use the new planning guides for the ELA assessments. We are also reviewing additional resources for Grade 2 that provide assessment items closely aligned to the SBAC. There will be opportunity for your site to pilot these items throughout the year as they become available.

  • OCTOBER 18 - Checkpoint #1 (Revised 20-item test aligned to CCSS in ELA and Math; ELA will align to new planning guide)
  • JANUARY 17 - Checkpoint #2 (Revised 20-item test aligned to CCSS in ELA and Math; ELA will align to new planning guide
  • MARCH 21 - Checkpoint #3 (Revised 20-item test aligned to CCSS in ELA and Math; ELA will align to new planning guide)
  • MAY 16 - TBD

What are the closing dates for Checkpoints 13-14 in Science, History / Social Studies, and Spanish language assessments for Elementary Dual Immersion / Bilingual classes?

  • OCTOBER 18 - Checkpoint #1 (same assessment as 2012-2013)
  • JANUARY 17 - Checkpoint #2 (same assessment as 2012-2013)
  • MARCH 21 - Checkpoint #3 (same assessment as 2012-2013)
  • MAY 16 - Checkpoint #4 (Science and History / Social Studies TBD; same assessment for Elementary Dual Immersion and Bilingual Classes from 2012-2013)

What are the dates for administering the SBAC Pilot Items this year?
  • Elementary: Download file "Elementary SBAC Pilot Support Plan RUSD 2013-2014.pdf"
  • Secondary:Download file "Secondary SBAC Pilot Support Plan RUSD 2013-2014.pdf"

What is RUSD doing to prepare for the technology requirements of SBAC?
SBAC has provided a host of resources to help districts and schools ensure their technology meets the standards necessary to administer the new computer-adaptive assessments. Last year we participated in two technology readiness surveys and will continue to administer them as SBAC rolls them out. Attached below are the minimum hardware requirements and recommended operating systems:
  • Download file "SBAC-Hardware-Operating-Systems-Infographic_2-6-13.pdf"
  • Download file "SBAC-Technology-Strategy-Framework-Executive-Summary_2-6-13.pdf"
These documents provide guidelines for purchasing new hardware and a timeline for the compatibility of most operating systems with SBAC. In addition, SBAC provides a tool to determine the estimated number of days it will take to administer the SBAC give your hardware and data rate. You can use the tool here, and an initial draft of results of RUSD schools is attached below:
  • Download file "SBAC Estimate Days By School DRAFT AUG 25 2013.xlsx"
As we get information on more school sites, we will update the spreadsheet.

Will the SBAC Pilot items we give each quarter be part of the quarterly Checkpoint reporting?

No. The SBAC items that we are piloting this year will not be included in the quarterly Checkpoint report. The purpose of piloting SBAC items is to build understanding of the new assessments and highlight the increase in rigor associated with the Common Core State Standards. It is a chance for students and teachers to try out the format of the SBAC. The purpose of the SBAC items is not a "gotcha" on the student performance of Common Core State Standards- aligned items. Rather it is a chance to learn about what is coming and make instructional shifts now. See a full explanation and a list of the SBAC pilot items for this year here.

What is the district pacing for each grade level?

This is a transition year. We are beefing up our assessments to align to the Common Core State Standards using SBAC release items. We are keeping 10 multiple choice items on Checkpoints that align to the CCSS. Use the resources in your course guide to plan units and lessons aligned to the CCSS. Throughout this year, we will work with teachers to identify fully-aligned CCSS pacing guides for all courses in RUSD, to be implemented 2014-2015.

  • Kindergarten and Grade 1 - Follow the new ELA Planning Guide; administer same Report Cards as the last two years. The RUSD K-1 Report Cards are being updated throughout this year to reflect the trimester reporting period and align to the Common Core State Standards. The new K-1 Trimester Report Cards will be implemented 2014-2015. We initially planned to revise the K-1 reports for 2013-2014 after the planning guides were completed in July 2013. However, as we began this process, we realized this revision required a full year to do it right. For example, revising the report cards in K-1 will require an update to both ELA and Math sections. While we have introduced and implemented CCSS in ELA in grades K-3, we have not done so for CCSS in mathematics. It is not appropriate to assess students on an official report card on standards we have not taught. The scope of one year to revise the K-1 Report cards will allow us to bring in content experts in mathematics to guide the revision and include teachers in the process of piloting new assessment items.
  • Grades 2 and 3 - Follow the new ELA Planning Guide and the existing "Checkpoints at a Glance" for mathematics; Checkpoints for this grade are being updated to reflect this pacing.
  • Grades 4-11 ELA - Follow the existing "Checkpoints at a Glance" document for pacing and use the CCSS crosswalk; review the SBAC pilot items for each quarter to see which Common Core State Standards will be addressed on the item (reminder: the results on SBAC pilot items are not part of quarterly reporting); Checkpoints are being reduced to around 10 items per Checkpoint to provide time for students to also complete the SBAC pilot items. Remember, Grades 3-6 will continue to administer the Blueprint exam for Checkpoint #3 by March 7.
  • Grades 4-5 Mathematics - Follow the existing "Checkpoints at a Glance" document for pacing and use CCSS Crosswalk (Sacramento Dept of Ed) to identify CCSS alignment; review the SBAC pilot items for each quarter to see which Common Core State Standards will be addressed on the item (reminder: the results on SBAC pilot items are not part of quarterly reporting); Checkpoints are being reduced to around 10 items per Checkpoint to provide time for students to also complete the SBAC pilot items. Remember, Checkpoint #3 will continue to be the Blueprint exam by March 7.
  • Grades 6-11 Mathematics - We are currently bringing teachers together currently to determine the best approach to incorporating the CCSS supplemental text provided to teachers in August and aligning the Checkpoints to reflect what will be taught each quarter; review the SBAC pilot items for each quarter to see which Common Core State Standards will be addressed on the item (reminder: the results on SBAC pilot items are not part of quarterly reporting); Checkpoints are being reduced to around 10 items per Checkpoint to provide time for students to also complete the SBAC pilot items.
  • Secondary Science: Follow the existing "Checkpoints at a Glance" document; begin studying the Common Core Literacy Standards for Science that are linked in your course guide; begin studying the proposed Next Generation Science Standards that are linked on your course guide. More news to come on transitioning to the Next Generation Science Standards and what this means for our local assessments.
  • Secondary Social Studies: Follow the existing "Checkpoints at a Glance" document; begin studying the Common Core Literacy Standards for Science that are linked in your course guide. More news to come on the changes at the state level and what this means for our local assessments.


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